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Lachie is an Exercise Physiologist with a passion for empowering individuals to take ownership of their health and wellbeing with a strong approach in evidence-based holistic care.

Lachie has a keen interest in assisting people to navigate complex rehabilitation journey’s that at times can be overwhelming. Having sustained multiple injuries at a young age in sport, Lachie can empathise that each person’s journey is different as they negotiate their return to competition, work and life.

Currently working within the Rowville Sports Academy and facilitating the implementation of both AFL and Soccer programs, Lachie has a keen interest in developing adolescent athletes reach their full potential as a person and as an athlete.

A love of all things outdoors and nature, Lachie loves spending his time getting away as much as possible through hiking, camping, 4-wheel driving, rock climbing, snowboarding and surfing. A big advocate for moving more and in different ways, Lachie enjoys redefining the way we move to assist people in getting back to what they love!

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