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A Podiatrist is qualified to provide initial assessment and treatment solutions of all Foot and Ankle problems, including related lower leg structures.

Rise Health Group is fortunate to have Paul Iacovangelo assist our patients with this care, with over 10 years of experience in private practice. Paul’s goal is to improve people’s pain and function by assisting them conservatively. He prides himself on quality assessment and diagnosis. He will explain your issue and provide various treatment options that meet your goals and budget.

He has a Master’s in a Theory of Podiatric Surgery from Scotland and is an Endorsed Prescriber. He works closely with our network of clinicians. He often liaises with our surgical partners and our FAARA clinicians, especially when fine-tuning biomechanics is necessary to prevent re-injury and complement a patient’s post-operative recovery. This multi-disciplinary team approach within this Foot and Ankle sphere ensures Rise Health Group can provide you with the best well-rounded care for your Foot or Ankle problem.

Paul enjoys the challenge of problem-solving difficult cases, for both recently acute problems or longer-term chronic lingering issues. He has a special interest in paediatric/adolescent heel pain, adult acquired flat foot and big toe joint arthritis (which was the focus of his thesis).

Rise has a state-of-the-art scanner for customised orthotics. We also have an on-site workshop where Paul creates bespoke padding, wedges and orthotic modifications that can be efficiently customised to your needs. This can enable a speedy return to activity and makes your consultations more productive.

Paul is happy to treat all age groups for their Foot and Ankle pain. To book your appointment call 9763 9233 or book online.

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