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Available at Rise East Melbourne every Thursday fortnightly 2 pm – 5 pm

Grace has always wanted to work in exercise rehabilitation developing a special interest in women’s health when completing her Honours in the use of exercise during breast cancer treatment and promoting positive health during treatment.

Grace has also worked on promoting women’s health through adolescent athletes in training with their bodies and not against them using the female cycle as a guide on how best to train and nourish yourself as an athlete.

Grace’s keen interest in women’s health and adolescent injury prevention has led her to also work with complex foot and ankle injuries and returning to function either through conservative or post-operative management.

Grace has worked at the Rowville Sports Academy since 2016 developing her knowledge of appropriate adolescent athlete management.

In 2019, she commenced her role at Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Australia and further study in Breast Cancer and women’s health where she has continued to develop a vast understanding and interest.

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