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Who needs rehab and performance testing?

“What gets measured gets managed” is a philosophy we strongly believe in at Rise. We aim to take the guesswork out of our rehabilitation and performance services by using our rigorous testing protocols to track many different measures of physical performance. Having this information allows us to identify and measure any weaknesses or deficits such that we can then better target these with our interventions. Additionally, this information allows us to better assess where a client may be at in their journey, and whether they’re ready for the next step in their plan!

Why do your testing at Rise?

At Rise, we’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that we use only the best equipment and methods when completing our testing protocols. These protocols have been refined over the last 20 years of our operation and have been tried and tested through our various partners including Rowville Sports Academy, Deakin University, and our many sporting involvements. We currently have the following equipment available for use:​

  • Vald Force Decks
  • Vald NordBord
  • Vald ForceFrame
  • Hoggan Scientific Handheld Dynamometer
  • Fusion Sport Timing Gate System
  • Fusion Sport Contact Mat
  • Vertical Jump
  • Push Band
  • RepOne Linear Transducer VBT Unit

​Our Head of Testing, Leroy Mclennan, is a physiotherapist with a previous degree in applied mathematics. This gives Leroy a unique insight into the biomechanical implications of testing protocols, but also the importance of test reliability and validity. Given Leroy is a physiotherapist, any testing appointment with him can be billed as a physiotherapy consult, and hence can be claimed through private health insurance.

​How can you book your testing consult?

If you’re a health professional wanting to refer a client to us for testing please fill out and email the referral form to, and get your client to call Rise on 9763 9233 to book an appointment time with Leroy.

If you’re a client interested in booking a testing appointment without a referral from a health professional, please email with a brief summary of what you’re wanting to be tested and why so that we can put together an individualised testing protocol that will meet your needs!

What tests can we perform?

Below is several tests that we routinely use to analyse different measures of physical performance. For a full set of the tests, we offer please refer to the table below.

Complete list of tests available

​Lower Body

  • Strength
    • Single leg calf raise isometric strength test on Vald Force Decks​
    • Single leg squat isometric strength test on Vald Force Decks
    • Single leg hip thrust isometric strength test on Vald Force Decks
    • Single leg hamstring bridge isometric strength test on Vald Force Decks
    • Nordic drop testing using Vald NordBord
    • Groin squeeze strength testing using Vald ForceFrame
    • Any isolated strength test using handheld dynamometer:
      • Knee flexion/hamstring curl​
      • Hip abduction/adduction
      • Hip flexion testing
      • Ankle dorsiflexion
      • Hip IR/ER
  • Power
    • Single leg or double leg vertical jump using Vald Force Decks​
    • Trap bar squat force-velocity profiling using RepOne VBT Unit
    • Single leg or double leg rebound testing using Fusion Sport Contact Mat
    • Single leg or double leg depth drop plus rebound testing using Vald Force Decks
      • Would usually complete an incremental testing protocol​

Upper Body

  • Strength
    • Pushup isometric strength test using Vald Force Decks​
    • Any isolated strength test using handheld dynamometer:
      • Shoulder IR/ER at:
        • 0 degrees abduction, 0 degrees external rotation​
        • 90 degrees abduction, 0 degrees external rotation
        • 90 degrees abduction, 90 degrees external rotation
      • Shoulder abduction/flexion at 0 and 90 degrees abduction/flexion
      • Shoulder horizontal extension
  • Power
    • Plyometric pushup test using Vald Force Decks
    • Single arm med ball throw test​

​Whole Body Performance Testing

  • Sprint testing
    • 20-60m sprint tests​ using Fusion Sport Timing Gates
    • Force-velocity profiling Fusion Sport Timing Gates/Playertek GPS Unit
  • Agility testing​
    • 505 Agility test​
    • 5-10-5 Agility test

If you have other protocols you’d like performed using our testing equipment, let us know!

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