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Exercise can solve physical health, mental health, prevent injury and ultimately lengthen your life.

At Rise Health Group we understand how fundamental exercise is to progress your health and abilities and how to exercise must be tailored to suit your needs and desires. With our industry-leading programs, depth of knowledge and years of training you can be sure that you are exercising correctly, sustainably and holistically.

Whatever your end goal – Rise has a stream for you.

Training Streams


Fitness at Rise is not just about physical and mental wellbeing – we cultivate a fun and safe atmosphere that can grow into a valuable support network as well. In small groups of no more than eight, you can exercise at your own pace with the encouragement of like-minded peers. Unlike conventional exercise classes, which focus on a singular muscle group, you can be sure that all muscle groups have been activated after every 50-minute class. Whether you exercise frequently or are just a beginner, the risk of injuries from ‘DIY’ exercises, such as visits to the gym, are higher.

Our programs are designed and run by university-qualified health professionals and our team is focused on ensuring your training regime and techniques used in fitness classes prevent you from developing exercise-based injuries.


When you are injured, rehabilitation should be managed by suitably qualified, health professionals. Ceasing professional help early not only increases the risk of chronic pain syndrome, elongated recovery and also the likelihood of re-injury. For complete restoration, our rehabilitation classes are the solution! Designed to complement your one on one professional support, the rehabilitation classes ensure your path to recovery is free of obstacles. In our 50-minute rehab classes, you will continue treatment with health professionals in a group environment and will work towards complete recovery and return to normal lifestyle activities.


Club Rise’s Performance classes draw upon the most current research and evidence-based practices utilised to train world-class, professional athletes. Designed by Rise’s diverse team of highly qualified experts, these classes will advance your athletic capabilities so you can consistently outdo your personal best. Suitable to all ages and levels, these 50-minute sessions are the perfect supplement to your exercise regime whether you are a professional athlete wanting to train in a class environment or a beginner who wants to experience an elite standard of training.

Training Options

Small Group Training (SGT)

Are you new to your fitness journey, a seasoned gym-goer needing some extra motivation or an athlete that enjoys the dynamic of a group environment? Whatever your background our SGT programs are perfect for you!  Training alongside other people provides you with additional support, motivation and inspiration while you work through a program that has been designed for your specific training goals and individual needs.

Semi-Private Training (SPT)

These classes consist of one health professional to four Club Rise members with each client receiving an individualised ‘high performance’ program, following an initial assessment consultation*, to help you reach your health and training goals. Rise’s experienced staff provide personalised attention throughout these sessions, paying close attention to your technique, weights and all other activities to ensure that the outcome of each session is achieved. Semi-private classes run for 50 minutes and these sessions not only allow you to share the financial cost with three other members but many clients also say that the support network they gained from SPT has been invaluable.

*These consultations may be claimable under your private health insurance.

Private Training (PT)

Our private training sessions are offered as either a 1:1 or 1:2 and unlike typical ‘personal training’ each session is taken by one of Rise’s university qualified and accredited high-performance exercise physiologists. All clients receive a customised program, following an initial assessment consultation*, to help support you along with your health and fitness journey with the aim of improving your functional strength and movement patterns. PT sessions are offered anytime during our opening hours to suit your busy lifestyle.

*These consultations may be claimable under your private health insurance.

Class Outlines

Are you interested in learning more about the different classes we have on offer at Club Rise? Click here to see which of our classes can cater best to your needs.

Class Schedule & Pricing

For the most up to date class schedule – click here.

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