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​Exercise physiologists are university trained health professionals who can assess and treat patients with a variety of approaches focusing on the effectiveness of exercise.

They have advanced knowledge in many disease processes that can be positively influenced by exercise. The exercise techniques can vary, and can address issues such as movement retraining, postural re-education, weight loss, strength & conditioning, disease prevention/management (diabetes, cardiac disease) and athletic performance enhancement.

Our exercise physiology team has advanced knowledge and experience in the development of junior athletes and works with several club-based and elite-level organisations.

How we can assist:
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Junior Athletic Development
  • Weight Loss
  • Disease Management

Book your appointment online or call 9763 9233 to discuss your exercise physiology needs.

Our Exercise Physiology Team

Matt Pollard

Director of Exercise Services and Exercise Physiologist

Grace Ramsden

Exercise Physiologist

Xavier Velten

Exercise Physiologist

Sheryn Fahad

Exercise Physiologist

Jet Harris

Exercise Physiologist

Mirium Sandelin-McCann

Exercise Physiologist
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