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​​​Rise High Performance is the high performance ‘wing’ of Rise Health Group. Rise High Performance has a focus on complete athletic development.

This development begins with ensuring that fundamental movement patterns are optimised so that an athlete develops complementary components of athleticism on a foundation that ensures long-term resilience and development.

Our team consists of experienced health professionals in the fields of Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, High Performance and Exercise Science. The High-Performance program at Rise Health Group is based in a specialised training facility in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The involvement of our physiotherapy and allied health team at Rise High Performance means that we are the perfect organisation for athletes experiencing recurring injuries or those recovering from surgery who wish to return to their sport stronger and fitter than when they left it. We have and currently support several elite teams and athletes across sports such as cycling, AFL football, hockey, track & field, golf and basketball.

Rise Sponsored Athletes
  • Nikki Wynd – Ultramarathon Runner
  • Jamieson Rossiter – TAC Cup Athlete
  • Olivia Feaver – Aerobic Gymnast
  • Mitch Mellis – AFL
  • Jamieson Rossiter – AFL
  • James Ross – AFL
  • Lachlan Stapleton – AFL
  • Tyler Sonsie – AFL
  • Tyreece Leiu – AFL
  • Jake Soligo – AFL
  • Alana Parnaby – Tennis
  • Antonio Vaitohi – Track & Field

To discuss your high-performance goals with our team call 9763 9233 or submit an enquiry.

Advanced Rehabilitation

Rise High Performance delivers advanced rehabilitation programs under the supervision of our extensive rehabilitation team which consists of Sports Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Strength & Conditioning coaches. Our staff are highly educated in multiple dimensions of the rehabilitation process.

The goal of Rise High Performance is not only to return athletes to “play” but to a level of performance that precedes pre-injury capacity

Athletic Movement Literacy

Athlete Movement Literacy is the mastery of fundamental movement skills that allow the athlete to read their environment and make appropriate decisions.  RISE High Performance delivers a comprehensive systematic program aimed at developing the following athletic skills, such as;

  • Running technique
  • Acceleration/Deceleration mechanics
  • Jump & Land mechanics
  • Multi-directional change of direction

Developing Athletic Movement Literacy allows athletes to perform better and reduce the risks of non-contact injuries that occur through poor movement mechanics.

Athletic Performance Testing

Athlete testing is essential in monitoring the physical development through the life cycle of your sporting career.  RISE High Performance utilises state of the art testing equipment and testing protocols to create a comprehensive athlete profile; documenting a wide range of athlete performance qualities such as; Strength, Speed, Power and Agility.

Strength and Conditioning

RISE High Performance delivers strength and conditioning programs that enhance physical performance qualities e.g. Strength, Speed, Power, Aerobic/Anaerobic capacity etc.  The programs implemented to develop these qualities come from extensive experience working with professional, sub-elite and community sporting organisations.  RISE has also consulted education departments on the tertiary, secondary and primary levels.

Our High Performance Team

Leigh Iacovangelo

Director and Senior Physiotherapist

Leroy McLennan

Physiotherapist and Athlete Performance Coach

Matt Pollard

Director of Exercise Services and Exercise Physiologist

Grace Ramsden

Exercise Physiologist

Sheryn Fahad

Exercise Physiologist
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