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Reduce Injuries on Return to Sport

Returning to sport in 2022 after two years without the majority of community sporting competitions, the incidence of injuries to all parts of the body are unfortunately more likely than ever before.

However, there are multiple approaches you can implement to reduce your chances of sitting on the sidelines this season. A graduated training program during pre-season is important to allow sufficient time to improve strength and power, general fitness, and build on sport-specific skills.

Before you exercise, perform dynamic activation exercises to get your muscles warmed up and primed to get the most out of your game. Maintain good nutrition and hydration levels to help the body build and repair muscle tissue, and transport oxygen and other essential nutrients around the body.

Ensure you have the correct sport-specific equipment, including up to date footwear to allow you to focus on performing at your best.

Get started on preventing your sports injuries before it’s too late!

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