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General Podiatry treatment typically consists of:

  • Nail care.
  • Corn and callus removal
  • Ingrown toenail procedures
  • Diabetic foot assessments

Podiatrist – Paul Iacovangelo

Our Podiatrist Paul Iacovangelo is well versed in these areas, having worked in private practice for over 10 years.

Paul enjoys helping patient’s with big toe joint and forefoot pain, adolescent heel pain and adult acquired flat foot. He is well versed in performing ingrown toenail procedures, providing a permanent solution, with a quick return to activity.

He has a particular interest in performing ingrown toenail operations. This can be performed in the room under local anaesthetic. Paul has also upskilled and has been formally accredited to prescribe antibiotics in the event an infection is present. He can treat sporting injuries of the Foot and Ankle and also provide typical General Podiatry Care for all age groups.

His Master’s degree from Scotland, extended his knowledge of Foot surgery, imaging interpretation, pathology and critical analysis of literature. His research dissertation focused on autogenous soft-tissue graft technique for hallux rigidus (big toe joint osteoarthritis). Paul is very personable and ensures his patients have a firm understanding of their problem and can provide a variety of treatment options to suit their needs and goals.

Paul is available on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons/evenings.

Pension Discounts

Pensioner Discounts are offered for this General Podiatry care and/or EPC referrals can also be used to offset the cost of these consultations. The rebate is $55.10 with a formal Medicare GP referral. Please note we do not bulk bill for this service, however your consultation time is not reduced, as Paul prides himself on thorough care and correspondence with your GP under this Chronic Disease Management Referral pathway.

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