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Liam McLeod’s Mission for Veterans With Service Dogs

Name: Liam McLeod
Date: 20 July 2024
Goal: 10,000 Pull-Ups in 24 Hours
Charity: Young Diggers, Supporting Veterans with Service Dogs

Liam McLeod, a seasoned athlete with a diverse background spanning swimming, ultra-running, and military service, is embarking on an incredible journey to set a new world record for the most pull-ups completed in 24 hours. His ambitious target of 10,000 pull-ups aims to surpass the current record of 8,940, all in support of “Operation 10k” to raise funds for Young Diggers, a charity dedicated to providing service dogs to Australian veterans.

Liam’s preparation for this monumental task draws from his extensive athletic and professional experiences:

– Swimming: Nine years of competitive swimming have honed his upper body strength and endurance.
– Ultra Running: With five years of ultra-running experience, Liam has cultivated both mental and physical stamina crucial for enduring challenges.
– Army Reservist: Serving in the Australian Army Reserves for five years, Liam embodies discipline, resilience, and a profound commitment to assisting his fellow veterans.

Charitable Cause
Liam’s challenge serves as a beacon of support for Young Diggers, a non-profit organization devoted to aiding Australian veterans by providing them with service dogs. These loyal companions offer not just support but also companionship, significantly enhancing the lives of those who have served their country.

How to Contribute
There are various ways to show your support for Liam’s mission and contribute to Young Diggers:

1. Direct Donations: Support the cause by making donations directly through the Young Diggers website.
2. Sponsorships: Individuals and organizations can sponsor Liam’s pull-up challenge.
3. Rippl Water: Purchase the exclusive “Operation10k” sparkling water can, with proceeds contributing to the charity.
4. Sole Mechanics: Use the code “OP10K” for any footwear purchase at Sole Mechanics, where 15% of sales will be donated. Liam’s long-standing dedication to Sole Mechanics reflects the company’s commitment to foot health and customer education.

Supporting Partners
– Rippl Water:** Collaborating with Liam, Rippl Water has introduced a custom “Operation10k” sparkling water can, with sales proceeds supporting the cause.
– Sole Mechanics:** A local business focused on foot health, offering free foot assessments and contributing a portion of their sales to back Liam’s charitable endeavor.
– Rise Health Group:** Serving as Liam’s preferred Allied Health Provider, Rise Health Group supports his well-being and training efforts for this noble cause.

Join Liam on his quest to break a world record and create a substantial impact on the lives of veterans. Your support, whether through donations, sponsorships, or purchases, will help make a meaningful difference.

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