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Nikki’s Journey to 6 Days of Running

Nikki is no stranger to extreme endurance events; however, this one takes the cake – the Adelaide 6 day race.

Throughout her illustrious ultra-running career, Nikki has achieved remarkable feats both locally and internationally, showcasing a consistent track record of exceptional race victories over the past decade. One of her most notable accomplishments includes being the first Australian female to conquer the grueling Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon. This renowned race spans 217km through Death Valley, considered one of the toughest ultra-marathons globally. Crossing from the lowest point in continental America to the Mt Whitney Portal at 8,371 ft, Nikki finished 4th overall with a remarkable time of 27 hours and 23 minutes. Notably, she shattered the over 40 years age record and achieved the third fastest female time in history.

For those unfamiliar with this style of racing, imagine running continuously for six consecutive days, pausing only for essential rest and nourishment. This extreme form of endurance racing challenges athletes both physically and mentally, pushing them beyond conventional boundaries in a way few other sports can emulate.

Following an initial diagnosis of ankle posterior tibialis tendinopathy at the onset of her new training phase, Nikki sought assistance from Rise Physiotherapist Lachie Toll. Through consistent taping and targeted soft tissue treatments, Lachie aided in alleviating her discomfort. Subsequently, Lachie recommended a structured Strength Program under the guidance of Jet, one of the team’s Exercise Physiologists. This program aimed to address muscle imbalances, enhance muscle strength and activation, and optimize running biomechanics efficiency, ultimately leading to improved running performance.

Nikki’s journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in the realm of ultra-running. Her collaboration with the Rise Health Group team underscores the importance of comprehensive support and tailored strategies in achieving athletic success in the face of formidable challenges.

We look forward to continuing to support Nikki as she prepares for this event between 29 September – 4 October.

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