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Meet our new Myotherapist Yaseel Ramasaran

Rise Health Group is excited to introduce to you our latest Myotherapist to join the Rise team – Yaseel Ramsaran.

What is a “Myotherapist” you may ask?

’Myo’ means muscle, and so myotherapy is essentially a form of physical therapy that focuses on the muscles. Pain that arises from muscles and soft tissues is called myofascial pain, and this pain can occur in any muscle or muscle group.

For as long as he can remember, Yas has always wanted to just help people specifically, those suffering from acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Yas felt he was most able to relate to people in that area, as he’s had his own fair share of injuries and setbacks through his own training with Olympic Weightlifting.

Yas initially undertook an Exercise & Health Science degree, and later transitioned into a Bachelor of Health Science, specialising in Myotherapy. In his off-time, Yas really enjoy training. He also believes in achieving a healthy balance, so he enjoys reading and playing video games occasionally!

Book a myotherapy appointment with Yas online or call the clinic on 9763 9233.

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